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Farm & Gardens

Fearrington's farm includes our black and white Belted Galloways cows, Tennessee Fainting goats, chickens and donkeys - all beloved pets who live long and happy lives in our pastures. See the newest additions to the family, read about what's growing in our gardens and more about our farm below.

The White Oaks

The White Oak, Quercus alba, is one of the most handsome and majestic trees. Our stand of white oaks, located in front of The Fearrington House Restaurant, is between 100- and 150-years-old. In the forest, white oaks are found in naturally occurring groves, since they are difficult to transplant. We believe Fearrington's grove was indeed formed naturally. White oaks have a vibrant...

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Garden Weaving

We spot culinary gardener, Zac, in the November/December issue of Triangle Gardener! One of Fearrington's talented gardeners, Helen Yoest, contributed her knowledge of weaving wattle. Check out the excerpt below and don't forget to pick up a free copy of Triangle Gardener to see the full piece! "I have the good fortune to work with Zac Hackney, culinary gardener at Fearrington Village, in...

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The Fearrington House Gardens

Built as the farmhouse for the Fearrington family in 1926, The Fearrington House Restaurant now serves as a AAA Five Diamond restaurant and bar. These gardens were recently renovated after the loss of a century-old black gum tree. Planted with mostly native trees and shrubs. including, Ilex vomitoria ‘Nana’, hydrangea errata ‘Tuff Stuff’, and Clethra...

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NC State Fair Winners

If you visited North Carolina's 150th State Fair this year, you may have spotted Fearrington's beloved Belties at the Livestock Competition barn! Each fall, Fearrington's Farmer Bob Strowd takes a few of our beloved Belties to participate in State Fair competitions. As fair crowds grow larger year after year, these events become even more competitive. We're excited and proud to...

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The Magnolia Grove

As you leave The Fearrington House Restaurant and head toward the barn, you’ll note on your left, a grove of magnolias grandiflora ‘Glenn St. Mary’. Jenny Fitch planted these classic Southern garden icons in 1980; choosing this cultivar for their smaller and tight leaf habit. Before our grove, and even before the Fearrington’s time, it has been suggested, a road to Raleigh ran...

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