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Bubbly Cocktails

You — whoever is reading this right now — should start a bubble bath.

Not because you smell bad, but because you need to treat yourself. Nobody on this planet Earth is above a bubble bath, and if you haven’t had one recently and don’t think you like them, think again and get in the tub. The new year is young, and regardless of any New Year’s resolutions you may have made, resting nested in a bed of bubbles takes precedent over anything.

BUT, after you get your water going and before you hop in, go ahead and make yourself a drink. It can be anything you want it to be; be that drink your favorite nightcap cocktail, a good Toddy or glass of whiskey. For the sake of consistency, however, I’ll be listing some bubbly beverages to enjoy in the bubble bath in this post. Keep reading for a few ideas for your time in the tub.

  1. Death In The Afternoon
    I know — this one sounds a little drastic. Another name for this cocktail is the Hemingway, and while the former name might sound a bit macabre, I for one have definitely found myself chilling in a hot tub with a good drink wishing for endless time and a bottomless glass. Comprised of a jigger of absinthe and a full pour of champagne, this one calls to anyone who enjoys licorice.
  2. Black Velvet
    As long as we’re being lush, we’d might as well consider lush sounding drinks. The Black Velvet is a hardy sparkling cocktail, made with stout beer of any kind and champagne in equal portions. This one is especially effective on cold days that have chilled you to the bone, warming you up from the inside while the bath warms from the outside.
  3. Champagne Cocktail
    The Champagne Cocktail is a simple classic, yet lavish enough for enjoyment in the bath. Not much needs to be said about this one: a cube of sugar with two or three dashes of angostura, a twist of lemon and a topper of champagne makes for an elegant cocktail that’s acceptably enjoyed at pretty much any time of the day.

Of course, all of these drinks are available at The Fearrington House Restaurant bar, and if you’re a guest at The Fearrington House Inn reading this, the service team will gladly mix up and carry one of these to your room at your convenience and leisure.

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

– Watson, Fearrington House Restaurant Bartender