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The Beltie Mystery Prize

by McIntyre's Books

The Beltie Mystery Prize

Pete Mock in the mystery room at mcintyres

Book Buyer Pete Mock

McIntyre’s Books awards the annual Beltie Mystery Prize for the best in Mystery Fiction, as chosen by Pete Mock, sole judge and jury, after a good year of reading.

Why, you might ask, start a prize when it might get lost among the plethora of other prizes lining up bumper to bumper along the literary highway? Well, here’s why:

1) Because it was suggested to Pete by more than one customer (and authors). We have one of the best, if not the best, mystery selections in the South so why not recognize yearly those who help make it that way.

2) Pete’s tired of his favorites never getting the recognition he thinks they deserve. It seems, year in and year out, the same old, same old, get nominated and win. The authors may change but the stories stay the same and not even the best iterations in Pete’s view. That’s why he’s the sole judge and jury. These are his favorites from the past year and he thinks it’s a darn good list. It may not have something for everyone (no cozies) but it does have great plots, good writing, and characters that will grow on you and entertain you for years to come.

3) Pete has been an industry professional for 30 years, reading more than 100 mystery books per year with a known knack for finding hidden gems. He was included in the Independent Booksellers Association Indie Introduce Panel highlighting undiscovered and compelling books.

Check out the Gold Medalists and the semi-finalists from past years below.

Pete reads so many good books to come to a long list each year. The 2018 list is available here, and the 2019 list is here.

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