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Bella Cucina Pestos

Bella Cucina Pestos

Alisa Berry opened a cafe in Atlanta in the early nineties and was begged so often for take-home dishes and recipes, she started her own artisan food business! Boasting a robust collection of pestos, spreads, condiments, and flavored salts, we’re thrilled to carry Bella Cucina here at Nest.

Basil, and kale, and artichoke, oh my!

With so many pestos from which to choose…how do you? Our very favorite is the artichoke-lemon pesto and the accompanying recipe for an amazing artichoke dip. The kale and parmesan pesto is a close second (we love it spread atop crostini!), and of course the basil pesto is a classic for a reason. Try it swirled in pasta with grilled chicken.

Some new pestos we just started carrying also sound delightful…looks like we’ll have to try them ourselves soon; what a hardship! Olive pesto served with a hearty fish? Sundried tomato pesto bruschetta? Porcini and parmesan baked with portabella mushrooms? Yes, please!

Pop by soon and pick up a pesto!