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Fearrington’s Bees

Fearrington’s Bees Make Delicious Honey

Fearrington’s BeesFearrington bees are very excited about this amazing warm weather. The bees have been all over the property exploring the new blossoms. The abundance and diversity of flowers in the Village creates a spectacular honey that reflects the unique taste of Fearrington.

Fearrington has eight bee hives that host over 250,000 bees. These bees pollinate the flowers but also create a nuanced honey with a flavor profile that changes with the season for our guests. These bees are hosted in our culinary garden so that they are closest to the fruits and vegetables that we grow for the Fearrington House Restaurant.

We collect honey in small batches every 3-4 weeks for sale in the Nest. This honey is also used by our Chefs in the Fearrington House Restaurant and across the Village. Currently the bees are collecting from borage and wild elderflower to make an amazing local flavor. By collecting honey every couple weeks we can make sure that the honey reflects the unique flavor of what’s in bloom at the time.

Bees are an important part of our local ecosystem and provide an important role across the village. Next time you see a small honey bee on a flower take a chance to thank them for their service and a job well done.

~Zac, Fearrington’s bee keeper and a member of the gardening staff