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baby wearing beads and bracelets

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: baubles, bangles, and beads

My sisters and I have loved accessories for as long as I can remember. Our creative mother was a master at the art of accessorizing. We each inherited her passion and found ourselves chuckling over the holiday weekend when my two year old great niece could not be separated from her ropes of pearls (from our  family costume jewelry stash) and two spiral elastic glow-in-the-dark bracelets (which I am told she even bathes in!) The accessory DNA appears to be alive and well!

Burgundy fur wrap with sequins at Dovecote

Fabulous lightweight embroidered wrap embellished with sequins and trimmed in the most stunning shade of claret red fox. Especially beautiful over pink or grey. Shown here with a shell pink worsted cashmere sweater and grey denim jeans.

By my senior year in high school, we had amassed quite a collection of accessories with four girls in the house, and when the time came for me to leave for college, my mother sat us in a circle around a big pile of scarves, jewelry, belts and handbags  and we took turns selecting our favorites which ultimately determined “what would live where” – at least until my return home for the holidays when the swapping commenced! A brilliant solution to our dilemma. Some of those items are still floating around amongst us – and it appears that Kennedy may soon be joining our rotation!

Dovecote is never without an interesting array of accessories given the importance of this category in my own wardrobe. The impact of a great accessory on an otherwise mundane ensemble can be remarkable – not to mention quick and easy and very packable. If the holidays call for festive attire, consider adding a statement earring, a sequined studded wrap or a sparkly clutch to something you already own and love and you are there!

pink coat and accessories from Dovecote

Match made in heaven: exquisite lotus pink cashmere blend coat perfectly matched to our Italian pebbled leather pink handbag accented with fabulous Italian silk scarf and gloves from Madrid. Oh, Santa!

A thoughtfully chosen accessory can be such a personal  gift if you are shopping for a special friend, significant other or family member. Consider a scarf in an flattering color or pattern perfectly suited for the recipient, sporty gloves to match her coat, a chic pair of cuffs from Paris, or something from our collection of  fabulous jewelry options – necklaces, rings, earrings and handmade brooches from France. (And btw – we  even have little wish cards if you would like for us to slip one into Santa’s pocket for yourself!)

I  have handpicked a few of my favorites in case you are in need of a few ideas.…..and our stylists in the shop are happy to help you navigate your hunt in the store.

An accessory box may be small, but you know what they say about the best surprises coming in the smallest packages! Trust me…..the  impact of this heartfelt gift will be immense!