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mermaids at sprout

Sprout Is Officially Open!

If you’re familiar with the children’s section within Dovecote, then you will LOVE our new store Sprout! We have expanded that section into its own store and it is a delight. With everything from stuffed animals to games to costumes and clothing, we will outfit your favorite little one in everything his or her heart desires! Some of our very favorite items include a wearable mermaid...

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Lisette Pants

Our favorite pant line is back for the Spring! Featuring flattering fits, fun prints, and undeniable comfort, there's no reason not to love these pants! This spring is no different; the colors are GORGEOUS, from bold florals in elm green and denim blue to Gauguin-inspired prints in burnt orange, we have a pant for every outfit and every occasion. Make sure to stop by the store soon to check...

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Luxe Sugar Cubes

Just when you think you've seen it all, a company like Teaspressa comes along and changes the whole game. Imagine a world where you can whip up a cocktail, a fancy coffee drink, or a sophisticated champagne concoction with just one sugar cube. It's possible, thanks to the luxe sugar cubes from Teaspressa! Take the Old Fashioned cube, for example: add it to your favorite bourbon, stir, and...

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Bitter Housewife Bitters

Entertaining with Nest

Now that the weather has taken a more reasonable turn, it’s got us thinking about long nights on the patio with a drink in hand, March Madness, barbeques, and pool parties. Having people over or heading over to a friend’s house often necessitates some prep. You either need to stock your bar or bring a gift, and we can help you with both. Our cocktail mixers by Bittermilk, Bitter Housewife,...

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New Year, New Books!

There’s nothing quite like a good book for getting you inspired, or whittling away an afternoon. In Dovecote and Nest, we have a great selection of books, and since it’s likely you’ve set some New Year resolutions (even if it’s just to read more!), here are some books that might keep you on the straight and narrow just a little longer. If you want to clean up your diet: Savage...

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a view of our sale room

Sale Room

Here at Dovecote, we love a good sale and ours is going strong! When you walk in the door, there's a room directly in front of you which, at least for now, houses our sale items. It is organized by size and includes sweaters, coats, pants, boots, jewelry, and scarves (and more!) There are so many treasures to be found in this fun room; you can make a whole outfit and purchase it 50% off....

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The Real Dill

Who doesn't love a Bloody Mary to kick off the weekend? We have found our favorite mix from The Real Dill, based out of Denver, Colorado. Cucumber infused water is the star ingredient in their mix. Paired with generous amounts of horseradish, dill, garlic, and habaneros, this mix is fresh, even from a jar! The flavors are bright and vivacious, and simple, the way they should be. As...

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Bagutta Pink Blouse

A Taste of Spring

Despite the early winter deluge of snow and rain, we’re feeling pretty lucky now with the weather. And to make it even sweeter, we’re starting to receive new spring inventory and it’s totally giving us a spring in our steps! Bagutta is a luxe Italian brand specializing in shirts and we just got in some delightful striped blouses, skirts, and dresses, all in the summery hues we...

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New Year Style Resolutions

January has almost come and gone. How are those resolutions going? Here at Dovecote, we hope your 2019 has started with a fashionable bang! Whether you've resolved to be more adventurous in your style choices, to stock up on classic pieces, to invest in only the things you really love or to let yourself be a little frivolous, we have got you covered. Button-down white shirts with a twist,...

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Fatty Sundays

What on earth is a Fatty Sunday, you must be asking yourself! Well, according to one Brooklyn based chocolate-dipped pretzel family, it was a day to sit back and relax and indulge. Mom, Dad, and daughters (Karen, Jeff, Risa, Ali, and Lauren) all decided to take their love for sweet and salty snacks to the next level in 2010, creating up to 15 different flavors of dipped pretzel sticks! From...

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