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TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: improvise, adapt and overcome

If ever there were a time to take a page from the Marine Corps handbook, this would be it. My Dad was a Marine and lived by this mantra far beyond his days in the service…not to mention my mother, who was a master at regrouping and getting on with things. It is this mindset that allows one to deal with physical, mental and spiritual hardship….all of which have been thrown at us the past few...

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daneen selfie


Our Spring Trunk Show season is underway, and as always, it is such a pleasure to welcome shirtmaker extraordinaire Hinson Wu to Dovecote for a few days. In a previous post this Fall(thinking we might include a link to the previous post here), you may recall my expounding on our love affair with Hinson – his superb craftsmanship, custom-like fit, attention to detail, exquisite fabrics and on...

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bittersweet designs necklace at dovecote

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: Bittersweet crush

I am thrilled to share that Dovecote is hosting an impromptu Pop-Up Shop this weekend for one of my all-time favorite jewelry collections: Bittersweet Designs. What a fun surprise for all of us! I recall the first time I met Laurie Lenfestey –founder/owner/designer/visionaire behind Bittersweet - and I remember returning from market and describing her as a “Nordic goddess” – statuesque...

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tulip shoes at Dovecote Style


Meet my new best friend: the “Tulip” shoe.  Every blue moon, a shoe comes along that simply cannot be improved upon. You know what I am talking about….after the very first wear, you cannot get back to the store fast enough for a spare! I am up to three pairs….and after seeing the spring rainbow of color options that just arrived, it looks like I am still counting!  This Danish...

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early spring

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: signs of an early spring

Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow this week….the chickadee singing its summer song outside my studio window today….and the butterflies, beetles, bees and dragonflies that have just landed in Dovecote…. all add up to an early spring in my book! Music to my ears. Our extraordinary collection of handmade insect brooches would compel even  the most astute entomologist to take a second...

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I have just returned from a week at market where each season I devote an entire day to weeding through rows and rows of artificial vegetation in search of flowers and foliage that would leave Mother Nature wondering if they are real….or faux. “Artificial flowers” (as they were called when I was a child) have come a long way in 60 years, and believe it or not, the plastic flower concept of...

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When someone mentions “English weather,” does the paintbrush of your imagination promptly reach for paint pots of gray?  On a day much akin to what we think of as typical English weather, I am sure you are wondering what’s to love about a cold, gray, rainy day. My post today just may change that! Gohar Goddard grew up as one of four daughters of Persian parents living in Lahore,...

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dusting windows overlooking a lake


There is nothing more invigorating, revitalizing and inspiring than the promise of a brand new year. While I am not one to make new year’s “resolutions” as such, I am all for mapping out new projects, getting (and staying) organized, adopting better/healthier habits and vowing to stop and smell more roses. We’ll see how the latter goes….but back to the clean slate!\ In the shops...

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clothes at Dovecote Style

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: how to shop a sale

Today marks the start of our making-room-for-the-new sale – a biannual event at the end of our Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons when we clean house and begin making room for new arrivals. This was a great season for us in terms of fit and flattering style,  which means there are a lot of winners on these racks if you are lucky enough to find your size: the thrill of the hunt! While...

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  The best thing about the first day of winter is the arrival of our early resort deliveries - just in time for a holiday getaway or to fill someone’s Christmas box with the promise of spring! I adore these early collections when the sweater weight lightens up a bit and the colors are so delicious and flattering – irresistible, really. We have one ribbed sleeve cashmere coat...

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