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Area Birds

Did you know that Fearrington Village is a Platinum Certified Bird Friendly Habitat by the Audubon Society? While strolling through the Village you may spot a number of bird houses, and during the holidays, even our decor is bird friendly!

On most any given day, you may spot resident birds such as, American Goldfinch, American Robin, Carolina Wrens, Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Bluebirds, Eastern Towhee, Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbird, as well as Cooper’s and Red-shouldered hawks, and even a green or blue heron passing through.  Sometimes you my spot Yellow and Yellow-throated warblers. We also have Cedar Waxwings. We are right on the edge of year-round residency, so we at least see them in the fall, feeding on our fruits.

As for the migratory birds, Fearrington is also a haven for the Ruby-throated hummingbirds which stay around during the summer months, and the Indigo bunting and Baltimore Oriole will pass through spring and fall.