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anne and russ real fearrington wedding

Anne & Russ’s Fearrington Wedding

Anne and Russ tied the knot this past winter and we thought it would be fun to share their winter wedding now, for all you planners out there who are considering a winter or holiday wedding. It's a glorious time to exchange vows! How did you and your partner meet? Russ and I first met eighteen years ago…back in kindergarten! We had no idea what we would mean to each other at the time, but I...

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Weekend Reads: Threads of Life

What do Mary Queen of Scots, WWI soldiers and Hmong villagers have in common? Thread - specifically embroidery. In this wonderfully readable history, Clare Hunter tells tales of cloth and thread as subversive items and sewing as healing, political, and powerful. ***** Sarah McIntyre's Books Sheltering in place but still need some good reads from your favorite...

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Weekend Reads: Writers & Lovers

Writers & Lovers is Lily King's most excellent follow up to her breakout novel, Euphoria. Fabulous story and tremendous writing unwind the story of waitress Casey, nascent writer, who is horribly hurt by the death of her mother. Casey is really struggling to get back on track, overcome depression, and putting her self second to the men in her...

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TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: improvise, adapt and overcome

If ever there were a time to take a page from the Marine Corps handbook, this would be it. My Dad was a Marine and lived by this mantra far beyond his days in the service…not to mention my mother, who was a master at regrouping and getting on with things. It is this mindset that allows one to deal with physical, mental and spiritual hardship….all of which have been thrown at us the past few...

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Weekend Reads: Weather

Weather captures the precarity of a personal life as it entwines with the precarity of a national and global crisis. An intimate and emotional book for the strange time we're living through, that is also at its heart about the love and devotion between siblings. ***** Johanna McIntyre's Books

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the belted goat loving the view

Taylor & Jacob’s Fearrington Wedding

Taylor and Jacob tied the knot in the gardens and created a perfectly magical day out of a few raindrops. Enjoy! How did you and your partner meet? We are both actors and we had always heard of each other, and meet a few times in college at parties, but when we finally worked together on a show in NC at Cape Fear Regional Theatre, that was it! I guess you could say we really meet at...

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daneen selfie


Our Spring Trunk Show season is underway, and as always, it is such a pleasure to welcome shirtmaker extraordinaire Hinson Wu to Dovecote for a few days. In a previous post this Fall(thinking we might include a link to the previous post here), you may recall my expounding on our love affair with Hinson – his superb craftsmanship, custom-like fit, attention to detail, exquisite fabrics and on...

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