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bittersweet designs necklace at dovecote

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: Bittersweet crush

I am thrilled to share that Dovecote is hosting an impromptu Pop-Up Shop this weekend for one of my all-time favorite jewelry collections: Bittersweet Designs. What a fun surprise for all of us! I recall the first time I met Laurie Lenfestey –founder/owner/designer/visionaire behind Bittersweet - and I remember returning from market and describing her as a “Nordic goddess” – statuesque...

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Weekend Reads: Lost in Shangri-La

A fantastic true story!! I was mesmerized by everything in this real life adventure. An undiscovered people's first encounter with the outside world. A plane crash and the subsequent tale of survival. You can't make this stuff up! *****   Matt McIntyre's Books

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tulip shoes at Dovecote Style


Meet my new best friend: the “Tulip” shoe.  Every blue moon, a shoe comes along that simply cannot be improved upon. You know what I am talking about….after the very first wear, you cannot get back to the store fast enough for a spare! I am up to three pairs….and after seeing the spring rainbow of color options that just arrived, it looks like I am still counting!  This Danish...

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Weekend Reads: Midsummer’s Mayhem

I love, love this book! Mimi is an expert baker who feels "unseen" amongst her siblings. Her summer is going to be so exciting - there is a baking contest at the local café! Mix in a little Midsummer Magic - the recipe for a great story.   Sarah McIntyre's Books

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Erin & Brandon’s Fearrington Wedding

Erin and Brandon tied the knot in the gardens under the willow oaks and then danced the night away in the barn. How did you and your partner meet? Brandon and I met at an all-girls summer camp on the coast of North Carolina. That’s right, an all-girls camp, and Brandon happened to be one of the few gentleman that worked on staff. We got to know each other and quickly became friends, but...

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Meet Buzz and Martha

Donald (Buzz) Mewhort Jr. and Martha Mewhort are Bushcreek residents since 2017. They shared a bit about what brought them to Fearrington Village and what they like most about living here. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington Village? We had lived in Durham during our undergraduate years and Law School. When we returned to visit we learned about Fearrington Village. We loved the setting...

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Weekend Reads: Scrublands

An Aussie reporter, Martin Scarsden, trying to get over a horrifying incident on the Gaza Strip, travels to a small town in the Outback to do a piece on the town one year after its own horrifying incident, a mass murder perpetuated by the local priest. But nothing is as it seems, the townies are guarded, secrets tumble like weeds through the almost deserted town, and...

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early spring

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: signs of an early spring

Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow this week….the chickadee singing its summer song outside my studio window today….and the butterflies, beetles, bees and dragonflies that have just landed in Dovecote…. all add up to an early spring in my book! Music to my ears. Our extraordinary collection of handmade insect brooches would compel even  the most astute entomologist to take a second...

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