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Kristen Arnett's Mostly Dead Things

Weekend Reads: Mostly Dead Things

Arnett's prose is unflinchingly detailed - from the sweaty and buggy Florida summer, to Jessa's taxidermy work, to her painful broken heart. This book is totally weird and totally worth it - not for the faint of heart but an ultimately rewarding read. Believe the hype! Johanna McIntyre's Books

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Gracie Cat in a bike basket

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: young at heart

There is nothing quite as magical as a children’s shop during the holidays, so I am especially excited to share Sprout’s first Christmas with all of you! We opened Sprout this past spring with our focus on wee ones from newborn to age three, but this time of year we are chock-full of fun for anyone young at heart! Our wall of animal friends from Hazel Village brings joy to everyone who...

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The Beltie Mystery Prize Finalist: Martin Clark

Sometimes in life you can only take so much before it’s time to punch back.   Such is the case with Kevin Moore, newly disbarred lawyer, who is being pushed into an insurance scam he wants no part of. What to do?   Why, turn the scheme around, finagle a few things, use all the friends he has, and leave us, the reader, smiling at the end.   A smart,...

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Alimrose Dolls: The Perfect First Dollie

Every little one needs their first “Dolly” especially with the holidays coming up. Alimrose offers all sorts of personalities dressed in imported fabrics and real wool yarn for their locks, these soooo soft collectibles are perfect for even newborns. Sprout, our boutique children's shop, is home to these precious dolls. Please come in and visit with Yvette, Aurelie and Ballerina Swan just to...

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Christy Lefteri's The Beekeeper of Aleppo

Weekend Reads: The Beekeeper of Aleppo

With refugees in the news, it is easy to lose sight that real people's lives are being turned upside down. This book puts a human face on it, with rich characters who could only have been created by someone who actually spent time in a refugee camp. (The author did.) Yet despite the dark nature of the subject matter, there is a fairy tale quality to this book, reminding us that hope,...

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Gracious Hospitality nightcap

TRUST ME…..YOU’LL LOVE THIS: gracious hospitality

‘Tis the start of “guest season,” and those extra beds that lay unoccupied  much of the year will soon be filled with kids home from college, friends passing through or family settling in for the holidays. My husband and I especially enjoy making our houseguests feel welcome and pampered at WinsHill, and sometimes even the smallest gesture can turn a simple overnight into a lasting...

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A Flock of Sheep

Add this “Woolly” to your flock or perhaps as a single statement to your home décor. Painted features create a realistic appearance and the soft faux textured coat adds a beautiful warmth. Please come in and visit these Baaaaad boys and girls and be ready to fall in love. ~Gloria

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WhirliKids Book Festival at McIntyre's Books

Whirlikids Book Festival is Coming March 7th, 2020

Where can you find dragons, dogs, gators, unicorns and bunnies? At Whirlikids Bookfest! A literary festival just for children, this day of All Things Books brings in authors and illustrators from all over. There are story times, book signings, panel discussions (for the older kids – they’ve always got great questions about the ‘hows’ of creating a book) and, of course, stacks and stacks...

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Weekend Reads: The Salt Path

A terrific memoir about the power of nature to heal and help us discover what's really important. Evicted from their beloved farm, Raynor and Moth embark on a walking journey around the southern coast of England. Along the way they find themselves. Sarah McIntyre's Books

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Meet Lani

Lani Chaves moved to the neighborhood in 2016. As an artist, she has found a community that she thrives in, and a home surrounded by woods and within walking distance of the village center shops and restaurants. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? I paint watercolors and Fearrington is home to a vibrant artist enclave. They are truly a generous group of warm and creative people. Since...

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