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Belted Goat Celebrations

Did you know The Belted Goat is available to rent for special events? With several private and semi-private rooms, plus options to rent the entire space, The Belted Goat is an ideal venue for bridal luncheons, anniversary or birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, baby showers, reunions, rehearsal dinners and much more! Housed in the original Fearrington farm's granary, The Belted Goat is...

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Wedding Resolutions

Cheers to 2018! If you're planning to say "I do!" to a special someone this year, check out some wedding resolutions to adopt in the next year, suggested by Fearrington Wedding Director, Gilda. "Pledge to try do a little work on your wedding every day, but don't stress if you miss a day," said Gilda. "Pledge most of all to enjoy every minute of it! There is nothing more important than keeping...

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McIntyre's Books


We made it, y’all -- 2018! Still waiting on our jetpacks, but we’re in the FUTURE. Happy New Year! Here are all the bookish things happening this month. First of all, if you’ve been wondering how to start a book club for your littles, we’ve got you covered! Join our fabulous Children’s Book Buyer, Sarah Carr for this event: Saturday, January 6th at 4pm: Children’s Book Club...

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Bubbly Cocktails

You -- whoever is reading this right now -- should start a bubble bath. Not because you smell bad, but because you need to treat yourself. Nobody on this planet Earth is above a bubble bath, and if you haven’t had one recently and don’t think you like them, think again and get in the tub. The new year is young, and regardless of any New Year’s resolutions you may have made, resting...

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New’s Year Style Resolutions

It's finally upon us: the New Year! Instead of making vague promises to yourself that you know full well you can't keep, why not pop into Dovecote and make a totally attainable style resolution this time around? Some of mine this year include: Trying new trends and not being afraid to step outside my comfort zone. It's so easy to stay safe and just wear different iterations of the same...

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Winter Seasonal Treatments

Our winter seasonal treatments can help kick start a proper skin care routine packed with antioxidants of cranberry, pomegranate and green tea. Each ingredient provides properties that are beneficial to your skin care needs. All three combined offer a powerful regiment for your skin care routine. Let’s take a look at each ingredient. Cranberry is a source of phytochemicals known as...

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